How To Get Ride Of Fleas

Tips and Tricks To Help You Control Fleas

Looking on how to get rid of fleas?

Well here are some tips and tricks to help you do just that.

A natural way to rid your yard of fleas is to spread cedar wood chips all over your yard.

Fleas do not like the smell of cedar chips and using them to your advantage covers the areas where fleas have been found with the cedar wood chips as well as putting them along the outer fence areas to help prevent new fleas from entering the yard.

How to use the cedar chips to keep fleas away is simple:

1- Buy a large bag of flat cedar chips. They are available from almost any gardening or home improvement store in your area.

2 - Start by putting the chips along the fence line. Doing this will help deter fleas entering from your neighbor’s yards.

3 - Also keep in mind that by using the cedar chips if you have an outdoors cat it will also deter cats as well. This not be a solution for cat owners.

4 - Sprinkle the large flat cedar chips generously under your bushes and shrubs, also along the perimeter of your home. Do not forget to spread cedar chips under your deck or patio also.

Flea repelling plants

Certain plants contain compounds, oils, and chemicals which repel fleas. Using these plants such as pennyroyal, chrysanthemums, lavender, and spearmint can help prevent a flea infestation.

Natural Remedies to Kill Fleas in Your Yard

If fleas have still managed to pop up in your cleaned and maintained yard, there are natural ways to deal with the problem.

Diatomaceous Earth: One of the best natural materials which may be used to control fleas outside is diatomaceous earth, often simply referred to as DE,” Catron explains. “DE is the remains of millions of fossilized simple cell organisms which are left over from dried up water sources.

DE can be applied by spreading the dry powder around the lawn. But, Catron suggests another method. “Mixing DE with water is the easiest and least messy way,” he says. “Using roughly ¼ to ½ lb. of DE and mixing it with water in a sprayer is enough to treat up to 1,000 square feet of lawn. Because the DE powder is not soluble in water, consistent agitation is necessary so the particles stay suspended as much as possible.”

Did You Know?

It doesn't need to be quite freezing, or 32 degrees Fahrenheit, for fleas to freeze. Once the temperatures fall to 37 degrees, it's cold enough to kill mature fleas as well as eggs, larvae and pupae.

To successfully kill all fleas you need a temperature of over 95 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 48 hours. A flea larvae cannot survive temperatures over 103 degrees for more than one hour.

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